Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Megasquirt Aux Board

I have now installed the output stage comprising the injector, fuel pump and Air Bypass Valve (ABV) drivers and this marks the completion of the base Megasquirt controller. However, the extras I am adding (Automotive connector, 2 coil pack wasted spark control, radiator fan control, tachometer output pulse, 2nd Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor input, and 'engine running' signal) require an additional circuit board. I have tracked down what appears to be a relatively easy to set up and use PCB generation tool called Designspark. So far I have created the auxiliary board schematic:

Which then allowed me to create the PCB layout:

There are still a couple of details I need to sort out such as the flyback diodes for the relay driver and ABV, but I should be in a position to send this board for manufacture shortly. Before I do though, I would like to prototype some of the circuits just to make sure it will all work as planned!

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