Friday, 10 December 2010

Megasquirt Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith

Progress has continued on the engine controller with the construction of the power stage with the required testing showing volts where they need to be and no volts where they shouldn't. Since I am not using the standard Megasquirt DB-37 connector, I am having to temporarily connect using discrete wires. Ultimately these will to be replaced with a flying lead to the auxiliary board containing the additional components for the wasted spark coil drive, tachometer output signal and the second exhaust gas oxygen (EGO) conditioning circuit.

The communication components are added next and checked for correct function thorough the programming connector.

With the board working according to the instructions, I was able to move onto the input conditioning circuits which take the engine sensor data and feed it into the main processor inputs. With these components in place, I could hook it up the the laptop and run the Megatune software used for communicating with, and tuning the ECU.

The engine sensors are replicated by the Stimulator so the pots can be twiddled and the corresponding reading on the real time display changes. So far so good...

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