Tuesday, 19 April 2011


It was a big day yesterday with the collection of my Cobra's powerplant core - the engine. To call it an engine is a bit of a stretch since it is a short block (block, camshaft, crankshaft, pistons and con rods) however, since everything missing (and even some of the things fitted) will be replaced with new, it saves me the job of stripping down and scrapping the rest of the engine. The all important casting numbers on the side of the block indicate it was cast week 26 of 1993 which is just what I was looking for:

  • This age of engine has a one-piece rear crank seal which is better leak free solution
  • The crank has 50oz external unbalance which makes finding a flywheel for it marginally easier
  • It has a roller lifter camshaft of which there are more fuel injection friendly cam profiles available
  • The emissions test it will eventually have to pass during its IVA (individual Vehicle Approval) test has non-catalytic converter emissions limits. I therefore do not need to purchase and install cats in the exhaust system saving time, effort and cash!

From here, I need to finish stripping it down and assess just how much machining is required. At the very least I will be likely zero decking it (to raise the compression ratio), and boring it to remove the current wear marks. A decision on crank grinding will have to wait until I can measure the journals, but the general condition of the working parts suggest this may not be necessary.

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