Monday, 6 August 2012

Here's Chassis!

Big news – the chassis has finally arrived! Some last minute issues with the powder coating meant that is had to be stripped and re-applied twice and readiness for this Saturday’s collection was looking doubtful, but the sub contractor managed to finish it just in time.

I arrived at Gardner Douglas just as Andy was fitting the last of the rivnuts so timing was impeccable in the end. Andy was also good enough to lend me some donor Jaguar wheels to get me rolling in advance of the proper Halibrand replicas being purchased. I was also able to borrow a spare bonnet (‘hood’ to subscribers across the pond) for digitising into the computer to help with the induction system design. Not much else to say really – I am itching to start assembling the donor parts onto the chassis, but first job is to create a reasonably accurate CAD model of it to allow (in the first instance) the exhaust design to be carried out.

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